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Our aim is to put together a selection of the best coffee tables we can find for those looking for a kid-friendly oak table to stand-up to all the years of painting a colouring, a sleek modern glass table to suit a modern apartment or a more traditional round table to suit most homes we are here to help. We also know that somewhere to store your magazines and clutter is a nightmare for most people so also check out our coffee tables with storage to help hide that clutter away! Whatever you are looking for when it comes to living room furniture these stunning products offer something for everyone. We are confident that we can help you find your perfect companion when it comes to tables and not break the bank!

Oak coffee tables

Oak coffee tables

Update your home with a classic shaped table made from traditional warm oak. Carefully crafted and mad in a choice of sizes and designs. You know when you are buying a solid wood or oak piece you are buying durable build quality that's going to last. No other material can be as naturally robust as oak. Check out more about this look.

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Glass tables

Modern, sleek and gorgeous, glass tables can be fit the bill if more classic materials just don't fit your look/ style. Modern tempered glass tables can perfectly blend the modern look with oak to create a classic piece. Glass just is modern living room furniture! All you have to do is pick one that fits your style and deco.

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Round tables

Round, round, baby round, round! Out of all the tables we feature we do have a soft spot for the round and oval shaped design. Perfect for any shape room and are typically smaller than its squares counterparts it's the perfect size and shape to just hold your fashion magazines and a Friday cocktails!

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Square tables

A coffee table will finish off the look of your room and it will bring everything together in a neat and stylish way. However, choosing a square table takes more than just picking one out of a hat. There are a number of things that you have to consider before making that purchase because you don't want to get it wrong.

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Price: £189.00
Simple and elegant. This cheadle oak living room table is able to not only make the ideal centrepiece for your living room, but do so in style. Boasting clean lines and a classic style, ...
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Price: £289.00
Having a tidy and organised living room is something that many of us hope for. But with so many people using the space it can be hard to achieve. You may not realise it but furniture ...
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Price: £149.00
Beautiful and elegant, the simple lines of this Verona Solid Oak Coffee Table may be understated, but that doesn’t mean that it lacks in style. Ideal for those who are looking for ...
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Price: £125.00
Living room tables come in all shapes and sizes. Some are large and ornate. Some are simple and elegant. This Oxford oak coffee table is definitely part of the second category. Robust ...
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Price: £179.00
With chunky and bold lines, this coffee table might be stylish in its design, but it is also eye-catching too. Ideal for any modern living room. Practical in its design, this coffee ...
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Price: £199.00
Boasting minimalistic design, this coffee table is going to be the perfect complementary piece of furniture to any home. Designed to do exactly what you want a living room table to ...
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What are the most important things to consider when choosing a coffee table?

You've spent all your time creating a perfect living room, chosen the trendy colours and that wallpapered feature wall looks so good it should be featured in country living magazine but now you need that finished furniture piece the coffee table. They can be a real focal point of the finished room and with so many styles and shapes it's not easy to choose the right one but if you read our little guide picking the right one for you hopefully we can the common pitfalls and help make it clearer.

1 Size matters:

I think the size of the piece you choose is really key. First of all it needs to fit through your door so really consider this if you live in a flat or a house with limited access, I know my doors are really narrow and have fallen foul of this a few times! Most tables are pre-assembled and not flat packed so make sure to double check your door widths and your table dimensions before buying.

2 Correct hight:

Getting this wrong can be a big problem, you don`t want to end up with something the size of a dining table in front of your sofa come TV time! Get your trusty old tape measure out and measure from the floor to the top of your sofa cushions. Note down the height and take off 2-3 inches or 5-7cm from the total hight. That's the perfect hight for your needs, just spot on for putting your feet up or holding your drinks.

3 Outer space:

No, I don't mean far out planets and little green men, the space around your table. An ideal gap of 30-45cm would leave you enough space to get in and out of your sofa and not be too far away that you strain your back when trying to pick up your cocktail. So just check you can still maintain around a minimum of 30cms once your desired table is in place.

4 Traditional or contemporary?

Modern, sleek and gorgeous, glass tables can be fit the bill if more classic materials just don't fit your look/ style. Modern tempered glass tables can perfectly blend the modern look with oak to create a classic piece. All you have to do is pick one that fits your style and deco.

Coffee table styles available to buy

If you're looking for a new coffee table, you won't find yourself short of choice. However, with so many options available, deciding on your favourite style can be tough. After all, you won't want to be making the wrong decision and regret it. To help you find a fantastic coffee table to buy, we have listed some of the most popular styles below.

1 Cottage tables:

If you're looking for a table that's rustic, imperfect and humble then you may want to consider a cottage coffee table. In the same way that cottages are all about a traditional and homely feel, these tables are all about being imperfect and cosy.

2 Parsons tables:

Parsons coffee tables are those that are square or rectangular, with four thick and square legs. They work well in any style of home and they are extremely practical. Though Parsons are simple in style , that's not to say that they are boring. There are a lot of this style available made even better with detailing and carvings.

3 Industrial tables:

You may have noticed that a lot of people are leaning towards a more industrial feel in their homes. Luckily, there are a lot of industrial type products available to buy. Industrial tables are often made with metal or wood and they are a little harsher and sturdy than some other styles.

4 Contemporary tables:

Contemporary coffee tables are those that are currently considered to be popular, which means the specifics of this style can change slightly. At the moment, contemporary styles often boast glass tops and metal bases. They are bold, modern and can be a great focal piece in any room.

As you can see, there's a lot of different styles available to buy. This means that there's no shortage of ideal options for your home. Whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find it. Even if you have a somewhat unique style of home or you're after a coffee table that's going to do more than just hold a few magazines, there are a tonne of prodcts on offer.

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Tips For buying coffee tables

It doesn't matter whether you're redecorating an entire room or you're just looking to update key pieces of furniture, you won't struggle to find great a coffee table. There are a lot of different products available at the moment, which means buying one can be a simple task. As long as you know what you're doing, you will be choosing your perfect product with little fuss.

1 Look at a range of options:

There are a lot of different types available at the moment ranging in style, size and colour. This means that you certainly won't be short of choice. When you're ready to buy, make sure to look at a range of options. Though you may have a rough idea of what you want in mind, there's no telling whether there's something even better out there.

2 Consider what'll work well with existing decor:

Though you will want your new coffee table to stand out as a brand new piece of living room furniture, you'll also want it to work well with existing decor. It doesn't matter what else you have in the room, there's always a product that will complement everything else.

3 Don't be afraid to choose something different:

With a variety of table styles available, you could consider choosing something completely different. Rather than buying a somewhat standard option, consider those that are a little more unique. Not only do these stand out as a focal point in any room, they're a great way to show off your own personal style. Don't simply choose a coffee table because it's in style or on trend.

4 Think about your budget:

There are products for every budget, which means that you'll never have to spend more than your budget allows. When you're buying, keep your budget in mind at all times to avoid spending too much.

As you can see, buying a coffee table doesn't need to be a difficult task. By taking the time to carefully think about your options and the type of look that you want, you're sure to find one that ticks every box.

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