Rohan oak two-drawer coffee table

Having a tidy and organised living room is something that many of us hope for. But with so many people using the space it can be hard to achieve. You may not realise it but furniture could be the answer that you are looking for. This Rohan Oak Two-Drawer Coffee Table is not only a beautiful and stylish addition to your living room, but it is also great for storage two. Featuring two shelves and two drawers too, there is plenty of space to put everything that you need away and made from the best materials, it is also going to stand the test of time.

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£289.00 for this modern two drawer table

The Rohan Oak Two-Drawer Coffee Table is a superbly robust and practical piece of furniture. The lower shelf offers plenty of space to keep your magazines and newspapers whilst two large drawers are ideal for everyday items and to help keep the living room tidy.

Manufactured to the highest standards from solid oak, the Rohan Coffee Table is complete with a light oiled finish which helps protect and highlight the grain of the oak. As durable as it is beautiful, the coffee table is a stunning addition to any living room.


Product Length: 90cm
Product Height: 43cm
Product Width: 60cm


Solid oak top, legs and frame. Metal handles.


Butcher block style top with straight T bar metal handles

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