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When you are designing and putting together a family friendly living room space, then you are going to need to think about furniture that will keep your family safe. Round coffee tables are definitely a great addition to a family space.

One of the main reasons for this is that there are no sharp corners and lines that could be a head bump risk for little ones. The thing to keep in mind when considering a coffee table for your living room is that just because you are trying to buy something that is safe, it doesn't mean that you can't pick something that is stylish too.

With a variety of styles and additions that can come with a round coffee table, you don't ever have to worry that you are going to have to make do with a coffee table which is not quite what you wanted. You can always be sure that you have the perfect addition to your home. Wood, metal and an assortment of colours, you can buy round coffee tables in a range of finishes, styles and of course with additions such as storage too!

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Price: £319.00
There definitely is a sense of luxury with the Corsair Walnut Oval Coffee Table. The sleek, round design, this coffee table is rich, dark and interesting, The perfect addition to any ...
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Price: £219.00
For those who love their rustic home, this Kerala Coffee Table is the ideal addition. A wonderful combination of mango wood, concrete and brass. This table not only looks beautiful ...
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Price: £280.00
Are you looking for a talking point for your home? Do you need a new coffee table? If you do, then you may have found the answer to both with the Timothy Oulton Noble Souls Vintage ...
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Price: £915.00
We love the style and natural beauty of the Caspian Solace 120cm Driftwood and Glass Coffee Table. Not only is it a large and eye-catching table, ideal for completing your living room. ...
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Price: £199.00
Even in the most modern of homes, a bit of rustic charm can go a long way. Something that is definitely shown in the Renzo Reclaimed Round Coffee Table. This table boasts a simplistic ...
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Price: £276.99
Not everyone wants the standard style of coffee table, there are some of us who want something that little bit different for our homes. The Jali Indian Coffee Table is definitely a ...
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Price: £305.99
Sometimes the simplest of things can be the most stylish. This Round Coffee Table may not have the ornate style and detailing's of some other coffee tables out there, but it is still ...
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Price: £25.99
Whilst coffee tables are usually for the grown-ups, that doesn’t mean that in a family home, you won’t need an option for kids too. This Brooklyn Joseph Childrens Round Coffee Table ...
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Price: £118.67
If you like your furniture bold and eye-catching, designed to fit in with a modern home, then this UFO Coffee table is the one for you. Named thanks to its out of this world design. ...
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Price: £339.99
Simplistic and light, everything that Scandinavian style should be. This Oka Coffee Table is made from solid Scandinavian Beech Wood, which is naturally light in colour. It comes with ...
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Price: £689.99
Despite its name, there is nothing stumpy about this coffee table. Apart from the fact that it is a reclaimed wood stump design of course. Naturally beautiful and full of rustic charm, ...
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Price: £385.99
Sometimes one coffee table is just not enough, which means that our 2 Piece Coffee Table Set is the ideal addition for your living room. Two soft triangled shaped tables, they come ...
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Price: £239.99
Boasting a distinctive beach house style, this Bay Hill Coffee Table is a beautiful handcrafted addition to your living room. Featuring a base made entirely of wood, naturally aged, ...
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Price: £108.99
Need more than just one coffee table, but want to be able to put it away when not in use? This Round 2 Piece Coffee Table Set is ideal for you. Boasting two perfectly designed coffee ...
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Price: £107.99
Some of us like modern style, whilst some of us like something more traditional. This Sanabria Coffee Table definitely fits into the second bracket. Handcrafted from fruitwood, this ...
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Things to consider when buying a round coffee table

What would you say if we told you that there is a science behind getting your coffee table selection right? Regardless of what you might think, there is a method to choosing the right product and that means that you have to think about the measurement so that it is not too small for your room and not too big. You have to get it right because the proportion is crucial to ensuring that it makes an impact in every way. The room has to feel comfortable and everything in it has to complement each other. Therefore, the correct size is vital and so, getting these three measurements right will ensure that you have a coffee table that looks great, fits well and serves a purpose.

1 Think about the height:

A living room table is designed to be a table that you can place your coffee on while sitting on your sofa. It doesn't just have to be your coffee, it could be your laptop, your book or even your television remote controls but there is one crucial thing that makes it work - the height. Too high and it has you reaching it at an awkward angle and too low and it becomes a chore to reach down to place anything down or pick anything up. So, select a round table that is the same height as the cushions on your sofa.

2 The length of your table:

The product you buy has to fit perfectly. If it is too long, it will make the room look odd and it will lose any balance that it had. Even something as simple as a few inches longer than your fireplace or your sofa will make a difference. Everything has to sit right and that is why the length is important. One rule of thumb to follow here is to find a coffee table that is around two thirds the length of your sofa.

The Perfect Placement: A round coffee table should be perfectly placed so that it sits in the room in the correct position. Therefore, when it comes to finding the ideal spot, the best place to position it is around 12-18 inches away from the seating area around it. That will ensure that there is enough room to pass it and sit around it, making it possible to reach and place anything down on the coffee table.

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