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One of the most traditional approaches to a coffee table that you can think of is a square coffee table. They not only are incredibly functional, making the most of the space that you have in your living room, but they look beautiful too.

The great thing is that they suit a range of styles of properties too. You can place them in a modern living room, in a traditional living room, in fact in any style of living room that you may call your own. More often than not, square coffee tables also come with storage too. This could be drawers underneath the top of the table, or perhaps a shelf which allows you to put away all the things that can build up over time in any busy living room space.

Never feel like you are being a square, choose the right one that will not only give you a place to rest your drink. But you will also have a stylish addition to your home that you can be proud of too.

Our square coffee table collection

Price: £199.00
Eye-catching and definitely different, this Downtown Modern Square Coffee Table is a table for those who like to be bold. It may come with a design we have seen before, but with a distressed ...
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Price: £179.00
There is something naturally beautiful and stylish about solid oak coffee tables. Which is definitely the case with this Marseille Square 2 x 2 Solid Oak Coffee Table. It may be a simplistic ...
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Price: £649.00
A coffee table is often the place where we rest our drinks, our phones and our remotes when we are at home. However, that doesn’t mean that you only have to focus on the function ...
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Price: £415.00
The idea of upcycling furniture has become more and more popular of late. However, just because something is eco-friendly or sustainable, that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish too. ...
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Price: £4,000.00
Whilst the name may say that this is junk art, there is nothing rubbish about this coffee table. Part of the Timothy Oulton range, this coffee table is made from a captivating and beautiful ...
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Price: £159.00
When you choose a coffee table made from reclaimed wood, you will have a coffee table which is not only kind to the environment, but is also full of character too. Boasting warm and ...
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Price: £489.99
Storage is an incredibly important part of any furniture, so, if you want a coffee table with something a little extra, then this is the coffee table for you. The Merlin Coffee Table ...
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Price: £529.99
There is definitely something magical about this Aladin Coffee Table and Chest. Boasting a globally inspired and intricate design, it is made from solid mango wood as well as Indian ...
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Price: £239.99
If you want a bold piece of furniture for your living room, then this Aria Coffee Table is for you. Made entirely from metal, this coffee table comes with a bold and bright red lacquered ...
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Price: £479.99
Want something a little different from your coffee table? If you do, then you are going to want to check out this Chaunte Boat Trunk Coffee Table. Made entirely from recycled boat wood ...
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Price: £279.99
The Vivian Coffee Table Trunk is a beautifully designed and finished coffee table for your home. Made entirely from FSC-Certified Hardwood, taken from sustainable forests, this is a ...
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Price: £489.99
The Chilcotin Coffee Table is a beautiful and dramatic coffee table which is going to be the perfect addition to your home. A combination of black and warm brown wood, it is made from ...
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Price: £134.99
Packed full of rustic charm, this Michael Coffee Table is the ideal addition to your home. Not only a great coffee table, it is also great as a side table or an end table too. Handmade ...
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Price: £389.99
The Ladner Coffee Table is a stunning and beautifully designed coffee table for your home. Featuring a rectangular top resting on a wooden frame, this coffee table comes with a graphically ...
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Price: £338.99
The Barkley Coffee Table boasts a solid teak tabletop which is not only durable and strong, but is eye-catching too. The wrought iron base of the coffee table is simplistic in design ...
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Square coffee tables

How to choose a square coffee table

A coffee table will finish off the look of your room and it will bring everything together in a neat and stylish way. However, choosing a square coffee table takes more than just picking any kind of other piece of furniture. There are a number of things that you have to consider before making that purchase because you don't want to get it wrong.

1 Is there enough space?

A square coffee will take up space but it is how that space is taken up that really matters. These tables are suitable for many different styles of room but you need to think about the space around it. Is there enough room to walk around it? Does it give you enough space to sit around it comfortably? Is the room in which it will be located almost square? A square room can suit a square coffee table better in most cases. So, if you answered yes to both of these questions, then a square coffee table is perfect for you.

2 The design and how it will be used:

Square coffee tables come in so many different designs and styles that range from traditional to modern and wooden to high gloss metal. This ensures that you have a great chance of finding a coffee table that is right for you and your home. If you want to go for a more traditional look then you could opt for an oak wooden table or perhaps one that has an ornate design. However, if you want that sophisticated, contemporary look then one with sleek lines and made of unique materials such as plastic or metal will really help it to stand out. However, you will also need to think about how it will be used. Will it be more for show and hold several coffee table books or will it be used by the family? If it will be used by those who are likely to spill drinks and possibly scratch it then you will need to consider the material it is made of and how easy it is to maintain.

Do you have Children? This is a serious consideration for those who are looking at square coffee tables. Now, there is nothing saying that you cannot have a square coffee table with children but you should consider the risks, especially those sharp corners. However, you can always get around that issue by fitting corner protectors or even opting for a round coffee table.

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